365 Days of Love

Today is the day that candies, flowers and pretty sparkly jeweled gifts are given as a way to show our love and affections to that special someone in our life. Everything is adorned in red, and pink and flower delivery people are dashing out to get all of the beautiful bouquets out before the recipients leave the office. Love is in the air, and retailers are cashing in. What happens tomorrow? In most cases, nothing. We pick up where we left off and go along business as usual. Why not bring love into EVERY day? There is no reason why you need to spend a ton of money to do it. Notes, hugs, kisses and cuddling are free. Why not set a date with your spouse to go have a glass of wine in the kitchen at midnight, after the kids are long in bed? Sure you will be a bit sleepy the next day, but it is a GOOD kind of sleepy. Don’t spend money on a fancy restaurant dinner for two; instead try an intimate fondue snack at home with a silly movie. Nobody will shush you for talking and you can make out on your couch, while both of those acts can get you kicked out of a movie theater.

Today, my words of wisdom are simple. Give your loved ones the best Valentine ever. Make a promise to bring enjoy small act of affection and appreciation to each other into every day for the next year, without spending any money. Get creative. Love and passion will multiply as the days go on, so you will not run short of ideas. The key is to make the commitment to not let a day go by without both of you focusing on romancing each other.

Then on Valentine’s Day 2014, look back at the following year. Instead of one day of showering each other with affections and confections, you will have given each other 365 days of reminders why you are so special together. You will have given the gift of a stronger and more passionate relationship to each other. That is better than any flower, chocolate or gem money can buy!

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