Bad Day Blues

You know those days when you just feel…..flat? You may be grumpy, tired and just plain burnt out, and you sure do not want to deal with anybody.

Worst Day Ever We ALL have those days. It is only natural, and having a Bad Day does not make you a Bad Person. One point that many of us miss is that if we have one bad day, and we dwell on it, we are then on the path to manifesting the sequel to that day, over and over and over again. Who wants that? Not Me!

When you find that you have had a day where nothing has gone your way, instead of focusing on all of the things that went wrong try pulling yourself back, and giving yourself a little energetic and mental reset. Keep in mind that the only moment you have any power over is the present moment. You cannot do a thing to change the things that have already happened, but you CAN change how you let them affect you.  If you choose to focus on all of the challenges, you can bet that you will pull yourself deeper into the slump. Instead try looking at the challenges as blessings. There is a lesson learned in everything! Try finding humor in your day. It can be hard in the moment, however looking back on the day later and laughing is a quick way to raise those vibrations and get yourself back on track to start fresh.

It is also wise when combating the Bad Day Blues to remember to take care of your physical body. Mental Stress is also stressful on your physical health and wellness. It may be a quick mood booster to pop a few candies from the office cubical, or to indulge in some salty french fries at lunch, however this is not a solution. Indulging in junk to combat a mood will only serve to bring your energy down, which will perpetuate the issues you were experiencing. Instead try taking a little walk outside to get some fresh air and clear your mind. If a walk is impractical, pop your earbuds in and listen to a few of your favorite tunes to bring a smile back to your face.

Another thing that is very important is to leave the stress where you found it! If work was a nightmare that day, DO NOT rehash it over and over when you get home. This brings that negative energy into your rest place, and WILL affect your downtime. When you leave the situation or place that was stressful, try not to take the aggravation with you.

Finally, when the day is done, make sure you take a little You Time to give yourself a little pampering to reward yourself for making it through. Take a long, hot shower, or indulge yourself with some nice tea and your favorite movie. It is important to unwind when the day is done. If you go to bed wound up, you will wake up with those same vibrations in your energy. When this happens, you are putting stress and tension out into the world. We all know about the Law of Attraction, and know that we attract the energy that we ourselves are carrying.

So, the next time you have a Day from Hell, remember to Laugh, Relax, and Remove that tension from your energy. Starting off the next day with a smile and a clear mind will only serve to reward you with a strong, positive and productive time the following day.

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