Infused Water

Keepin it Cool…and Keepin it Natural

Summer is here in full force folks! In the hotter months, it is crucial that you make sure that you are drinking plenty of WATER! Hydration is a key factor in keeping your physical body in top function, and water is really the best hydration there is. I admit, on a blazing hot day, I […]

Cram Session

School! Homework! Tests! How to Beat the Stress!

More times than I can count, I am contacted by people who are feeling overwhelmed with school and class work, causing them to have anxiety around tests and exams. This anxiety can end up hurting their test performance, and ultimately affecting their grades in the end. Schoolwork can be stressful, but it does not need […]

Bad Day?

Bad Day Blues

You know those days when you just feel…..flat? You may be grumpy, tired and just plain burnt out, and you sure do not want to deal with anybody. We ALL have those days. It is only natural, and having a Bad Day does not make you a Bad Person. One point that many of us […]

No Energy Left

Battling the Energy Drain….And WINNING!

Work work work! In this day and age, we are all running at a very busy schedule. We rush off to work, rush home, rush to care for our families or rush along to classes. With all of this rushing, many of us are forgetting that we need to take time to recharge our batteries […]


This Will Be the BEST YEAR EVER!!!

Happy New Year Folks! I hope that 2014 is off to a great start for you all. This is the time of year that many people choose to set some New Year’s Resolutions so that they are starting off the new year on the right foot, pointed in the direction of success. What is a […]

Common Cold

Kick that Cold to the Curb!

    It is COLD SEASON!!! Nobody is their best when they are feeling ill. When we are sick, our energy is sapped making day to day interactions such a chore. Nothing seems to make us feel better fast enough, and we just want to get on with our lives. With all of the colds […]

Lavender Cookies

Cookies to Soothe Your Soul, and Tummy

Lavender has always been favored for its lovely scent, but did you know it has wonderful cleaning properties too? Lavender Essential oil, added to water is a wonderful air freshener, and it is also antibacterial as well. Lavender is also wonderful when eaten. You can find it in spice shops, or online. Lavender can increase your […]

Are you eating Mindfully?

Are you Mindful while Eating?

Have you ever finished a candy bar and wished you had just one more bite? Are you surprised when your hand hits the bottom of the popcorn bucket at the movies? Do you ever feel completely stuffed and miserable after you eat? These are all symptoms of mindless or unconscious eating. Many people eat while […]


How to get the MOST from your Psychic Reading

What image does the word “Psychic” bring to your mind? Do you see a starry eyed gypsy with a glowing crystal ball? Or do you see a witch with bone rattles and a black cat? Perhaps you see a slick con artist offering love spells and hexes for extra cash. All of the aforementioned images […]


A Healthy Lunch CAN Be FUN Too!

It is NOT impossible to pack a healthy, kid friendly lunch for your kids, WITHOUT spending a bundle! My kids, like many, LOVED those horrendous little Lunchables available in the supermarket. YUCK! I refuse to buy them as they are nothing short of a box full of prepackaged nitrates and empty calories, plus the portions […]


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