Everybody needs a little meditation in their life!

Easy Ways to Embrace Meditation

  Do you have a hard time breaking into the practice of meditation? If so, you are not alone. Many people have the desire to take up this healthy practice, but have a hard time getting started. Here are a few tips that I like to share   Set the stage. In order to be […]

Are you eating Mindfully?

Are you Mindful while Eating?

Have you ever finished a candy bar and wished you had just one more bite? Are you surprised when your hand hits the bottom of the popcorn bucket at the movies? Do you ever feel completely stuffed and miserable after you eat? These are all symptoms of mindless or unconscious eating. Many people eat while […]


How to get the MOST from your Psychic Reading

What image does the word “Psychic” bring to your mind? Do you see a starry eyed gypsy with a glowing crystal ball? Or do you see a witch with bone rattles and a black cat? Perhaps you see a slick con artist offering love spells and hexes for extra cash. All of the aforementioned images […]


Do you have a Negative Person in Your Life?

A negative person is someone who complains and dumps their life’s issues in your lap, but makes no positive steps to change anything. They often times are not supportive of you in any way and will make you feel badly about yourself. They can belittle your dreams and goals, or even talk badly about you […]


How do I move on When the Love of My Life Leaves?

I am asked this question on a regular basis. My first response is that if the person who left you leaves willingly, they are not the love of your life. A successful relationship needs to be reciprocal, and if someone leaves another person, then obviously it was not reciprocated or equal in feelings. You may […]


Foods to Love By

Is your drive a little on the slow side these days? If that is the case, and you have ruled out physical or psychological triggers, you may want to take a look at your diet. Often times we can experience affects in this area, and it could be that our diet is missing a particular […]

Psychic Medium Jessica Costello

Here is how it goes, for me

Having fairly recently let the cat out of the bag about my abilities, and how I use them, I have had several people ask me if I predicted certain events as far back as High School, or if I knew a particular guy would ask me out or what I was getting for Christmas. I […]