Do NOT let Fears Get in Your Way!

We all have wishes and dreams. It is a natural and healthy thing to want more for ourselves. When we wish, dream and think about what we want for our life, we are envisioning ourselves where we ultimately want to be. This is all great, as long as we are taking action. A lot of […]

Cram Session

School! Homework! Tests! How to Beat the Stress!

More times than I can count, I am contacted by people who are feeling overwhelmed with school and class work, causing them to have anxiety around tests and exams. This anxiety can end up hurting their test performance, and ultimately affecting their grades in the end. Schoolwork can be stressful, but it does not need […]

Bad Day?

Bad Day Blues

You know those days when you just feel…..flat? You may be grumpy, tired and just plain burnt out, and you sure do not want to deal with anybody. We ALL have those days. It is only natural, and having a Bad Day does not make you a Bad Person. One point that many of us […]