Clear Out the Clutter!

Sometimes the closets are not the only things getting cluttered in a home. Energy has a way of lingering around and accumulating after time almost as bad as last years sandals! Clutter

Have you ever walked into a room that was just beautifully decorated and set up to be inviting, yet still felt a little put off by the room? Or maybe you have walked into a room where two people are sitting smiling, yet you can feel some tension and just KNOW that they were arguing moments before you walked in.  This was because the energy in the space was still cluttered up with energy from their argument.

We all think of doing a spring cleaning once a year to clear out excess stuff such as old clothing and magazines and other items that are no longer useful. While this is an important thing to do, it is also wise to consider clearing out the excess energetic clutter that has built up over time in your home. Clearing out energy makes the space feel fresh and new, and makes room for bright positive energy to come in. After doing so, you will be able to immediately feel the space as being brighter, more inviting and even spacious. While many people cannot actually see the excess energy build up in a room, they can certainly feel it! A good rule of thumb is to plan on doing an energy clearing four times a year.  Usually the change of seasons is a perfect time to do so.

There are many different ways to clear energy. Some choices include using crystals to promote positive energy, and others would include smudging with sage or incense.  For example, after a thorough smudging, place a few pieces of Rose Quartz in a bowl in the bedrooms in your home to help promote positive energy and love. Another lovely option is to use a Himalayan Salt Lamp. These can balance the energy as well as cast a lovely comforting glow in the space. As with anything, positive intent is most important, so when you find a method that resonates with you, use it with love and light and you cannot go wrong.

Whatever method you choose, the trick is to keep up on the practice, and make it part of your seasonal routine. This will help to ensure that you have nice, positive balanced energy in your home

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