Do you have a Negative Person in Your Life?

A negative person is someone who complains and dumps their life’s issues in your lap, but makes no positive steps to change anything. They often times are not supportive of you in any way and will make you feel badly about yourself. They can belittle your dreams and goals, or even talk badly about you behind your back. Toxic people are usually not open to constructive feedback or changing, so often times do not make positive changes for themselves. Negative people weigh you down in life. Often times they will discourage you from following your dreams by belittling what you’re doing and planting doubts into your head. Negative energy from these people affect CAN and WILL affect your energy level and can very easily cause undue stress and anxiety. Negative people take up too much energetic space in your life. You need to clear that space out for positive people to come in. Allowing Negative people to remain in your life will hold you back from reaching your goals.

First off, you must recognize that you deserve to be supported and surrounded with positive energy, not feeling weighed down and held back. You need to commit to yourself, your goals, and your dreams, and disengage from anybody who holds you back. They bring your energy level down. They leave you feeling bummed out, and sometimes leave you tired, or run down. Negative people shoot down your ideas. They always question what you’re doing. They belittle you and your ideas. Even though it may sound like they’re giving you advice, in the end they’re just putting more doubts into your head because your actions may bring up their own fears and insecurity. Negative people can be anything from simply tiring, to all out awful, toxic, demeaning and abusive. No matter how light or severe the impact, it is important to work towards letting them go and not allow them to have impact on your life any longer.

Start to evict them from your life as soon as you recognize that they are toxic. Remove them from any social networking sites, block them from calling, and avoid them if you need to. Do not engage in a battle of explanations, you do not owe them that and they probably wouldn’t listen anyhow. Send them off with love and a prayer for understanding. Know that at some point they may evolve into a more supportive and positive relationship, and then you can be open to welcoming them back into your space. Above all, DO NOT feel guilty for standing up for yourself. It’s not your obligation to keep these people in your life regardless of the relationship. Whatever the reason, people grow and change and it’s normal for relationships to evolve, or dissolve. Now that you have made room, it is time to surround yourself with positive and supportive people. These are people who are compassionate, caring and will support you in achieving your goals.

Brightest Blessings,


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