Easy Ways to Embrace Meditation


Everybody needs a little meditation in their life!

Everybody needs a little meditation in their life!

Do you have a hard time breaking into the practice of meditation? If so, you are not alone. Many people have the desire to take up this healthy practice, but have a hard time getting started. Here are a few tips that I like to share


  1. Set the stage. In order to be effective, you need a nice quiet spot, free from distractions. A comfy chair will serve nicely. Before starting your meditation, it is wise to remove anything that will be a distraction such as your cell phone. Choose your timing wisely too. If you need to rush off to get something done, have a cake in the oven, or a child that is due to get home from school any second…it might not be the best time to start. Pick a time when you know you will have 15-20 minutes without interruptions
  2. Start with a guided meditation to get used to the practice. For this, I send people to YouTube. There you will find a wide variety of guided meditations to choose from. I like starting here, because you can try a few out and find one that works for you. After you find one that is great for you, it is easy to hop online and purchase from the practitioner if you choose to do so. Put your earbuds in, and follow the instructions on the meditation. I like to use quality noise cancelling earbuds, so that there is little chance of distraction should the dog bark outside, or a siren sound somewhere in the distance.
  3. Make the time and commit to incorporating meditation into your healthy regimen. Nothing gives immediate results, so in order to see the effects of adding meditation to your lifestyle; you need to stick to it. Find a block of time every day, or every other day, when you can sit in meditation. Then keep to the schedule. This is YOUR time to reset and recharge. Consider it part of your regular energetic hygiene, and stick with it


Once you have made the time, and gotten used to the practice, you will notice the wealth of benefits that follow. I have had clients report back that they are more calm, and peaceful, as well as having more focus and efficiency in their professional lives.  I encourage everybody to embrace this healthy activity, as it benefits the mind, body and spirit

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