How to get the MOST from your Psychic Reading

What image does the word “Psychic” bring to your mind? Do you see a starry eyed gypsy with a glowing crystal ball? Or do you see a witch with bone rattles and a black cat? Perhaps you see a slick con artist offering love spells and hexes for extra cash. All of the aforementioned images are sadly a result of bad apples in an otherwise honorable field. The truth is, most psychics are indistinguishable from everybody else. That is because we are real, normal people. We possess a gift that is very natural, and when used correctly provides an invaluable service to society. When looking for a psychic to work with, it is key that you look for the right kind of psychic to suit your needs. Look at the services offered. Not all psychics are alike, so do your homework to make sure the psychic you choose offers the type of reading you are hoping for. As with any business, it is always important to look at references. Ask friends who they have seen, check websites for testimonials, and look at what professional organizations the psychic is affiliated with. Once you find the psychic that you are interested in speaking with, call to book an appointment. Understand that when you are booking, a reputable psychic may have a bit of a wait to get you in for a reading, so have a few dates and times in mind just in case your ideal time is not available. It is always best to be prepared for your reading. Here is a list of things that you should do or things to bring to your reading Prepare a list of questions you would like to have answered. Psychics are not mind readers, so we do not know what areas of your life you would like insight on. With direction from you, we can easily focus on the specific points that you need help with, ensuring that you make the most out of your reading. Take notes! During your reading many points will come up that require action from you. For example, the psychic may suggest job opportunities that you will need to be prepared to act on, or steps to get through a particularly rough patch in a relationship. Also, many times during a reading information or spirits come through that you may not immediately relate to, however after going home and reviewing your notes it will become clear. If you prefer an audio or video recording, be sure to ask the psychic what his/her policy is on recording devices. Most will not have a problem with audio recordings, but may shy away from video. I personally encourage audio recordings because I know I throw a ton of information at my client’s during a reading, and I want them to take it all down in the easiest way possible. If you sought out a medium to help you reconnect with passed over loved ones, be sure to ask what he/she needs to help connect you with the right person. Some want you to give some specific information to help them connect with the right person, while others prefer to work on an open channel and will ask you to not give any information at all. Understand that even the best medium on the planet cannot ensure that every spirit you want to come through will pay you a visit, nor can the psychic force a spirit to talk to you or give you information that they are unwilling to share. The medium’s role is that of a messenger, and as such can only share the messages given. Above all, it is important to work with your psychic. If he/she asks questions, understand that it is not to fish for details. We ask questions to help us understand the information we are receiving so that we can present it to you in a way that applies to your life. For example, during a reading I may see visions student desks all around my client, and that will cause me to ask my client if they are going back to school, or if they are in fact teaching school. Once that information is clarified, it becomes immediately clear to me why I am being shown that image, and then I can easily decipher the messages that I am supposed to convey. After your reading is over, be sure to ask the psychic what his or her policies are regarding follow up questions. Some may not mind if you send over a question or two for clarification via phone or email, but do not assume that is in fact the case with all. In some cases it is wise to book a short follow up session for about a month later to go over any changes that have occurred or progress that has been made. Remember that it takes time and energy for a psychic to connect to you and read your energy, so if you loved your reading please let him/her know. Brightest Blessings, J.C

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  1. I want to thank you for the reading that you gave me tonight on blogtalkradio. It was very insightful and encouraging to hear the information. This has been a very tough time for my family, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I look forward to the next couple of months to see the situation change for the better. My parents would not want what is going on now to continue and it hurts me to the core. Thank you for giving me hope, and I do look forward to scheduling another reading as situations develop. Again, thank you and much blessings.

  2. I’m Brenda Renee. I just read your blog. Very good info and insight on Psychic Readings and how to get the most out of them. I like reading blogs like this and content that relates to Psychic Readings and such.

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