Here is how it goes, for me

Having fairly recently let the cat out of the bag about my abilities, and how I use them, I have had several people ask me if I predicted certain events as far back as High School, or if I knew a particular guy would ask me out or what I was getting for Christmas. I have been asked if I had a normal childhood or if I was always lucky. It is a hard question to answer without explaining how these senses work for me. This is not to say that this is how they work for every single intuitive on the planet, but this is how they work in my daily life.

First off, I am one of the ones gifted with all 6 of “The Clairs”, and by this I mean Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience as well as being Clariscentist, Clairgustant and Claircognizant. In a nutshell this means I see, hear, feel, smell and even get information via my taste buds that many people cannot. I am also a natural born Spirit Medium, meaning I can see and interact with individuals who have passed on. On top of all that I also sometimes just know things about someone or a future event. Not all of these senses are in play at once when I do a reading. If they were I cannot imagine what I would do. The best way I can think of to describe it is that I have different channels I can tune in, like a TV. Not all the channels can blare at once, but if I catch the tail end of the weather report on my morning news station, I can tune in on the weather channel to see what I need to wear that day. So, I may get a message or reading visually, and it can cause me to tune in deeper, and stop and listen, or feel the air around me to gather more information and determine if this is something needing attention.

So, going back to questions about if I knew the future as a kid…..Yes and No. Yes, I picked up on things, but I was like the rest of the kids and only paid attention to warnings half the time, which is why I had my fair share of scrapes and situations as any other kid.

Now, should this information be coming from a spirit, my first order of business is always Me. If I don’t have time to address them, I respectfully thank them for the visit, offer my well wishes and invite them to return at a set time. Often times, this is well received, but in the odd cases where I meet resistance, I am well able to force the individual out of my space.

Now, with all of THAT going on, trust me when I say it took some time for me to consider myself lucky to have these gifts. I dreamed of being normal for most of my teenage years. After a while I accepted that this was normal for me. Now I do not so much consider myself lucky. I consider myself honored to be entrusted with these gifts. I have been brought into some of the most personal and intimate times of people’s lives, or their deaths. This is not something I take lightly.

Brightest Blessings,


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