Kick the Cold Out!


Nobody is their best when they are feeling ill. When we are sick, our energy is sapped making day to day interactions such a chore. Nothing seems to make us feel better fast enough, and we just want to get on with our lives. With all of the colds and viruses floating about right now, I felt like I needed to share this fairly yummy trick to kick them out and keep them out.

You Will Need:
3 tsp Tumeric
2 lemons, chopped in quarters
4 tbs fresh grated ginger
¼ cup dried Rosehips
4 Pints boiling hot water
A large Pitcher, or carafe
Honey, raw local if available

Toss Ginger, Lemons, Rosehips and Turmeric into a large pitcher and pour boiling water over the top. Let steep till the water is cool. Strain and sweeten the mixture with honey per your taste. Store in the fridge.

Sip this concoction continuously until the cold has vacated your system. This is also a good drink to help boost immune systems when everybody around you is getting ill, and you do not want to join them. Another fabulous use is to drink it after a workout to help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.

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