Do NOT let Fears Get in Your Way!

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We all have wishes and dreams. It is a natural and healthy thing to want more for ourselves. When we wish, dream and think about what we want for our life, we are envisioning ourselves where we ultimately want to be. This is all great, as long as we are taking action. A lot of things dictate how we take action. Our life may not allow certain steps at a particular time, or finances may not allow us to make a career leap when we want to. These sorts of things are not roadblocks, but rather Slow Down signs, telling us that we need to keep working on the plan, and not to give it up.
Another thing that tends to hold us in place is Fear. Fear of Rejection, Fear of Change, or Fear of Action are big ones. When making a career change, we may fear what the shift will do to our lives in the short term. When looking at asking for something in a personal relationship, we may fear the other party rejecting our requests. When looking at major life changes, we may look at the steps involved, and worry about whether or not we can do it.
Fear is a natural thing. We all have it. The key step is to not let it dictate our lives. Fear should make us proceed with caution, and think about our approach. It should not immediately put a halt in our path, and stop us from going after what we want.
When you have a fear, before backing away from what you are going after, ask yourself where this fear is coming from. Is the Fear really Negative Self Talk impeding your progress? If so, KEEP ON GOING! You cannot live your life with Fear as a roadblock. Fear will come in with many changes in life. However, it is not meant to make you stop in your tracks. It is simply meant to tell you to think about what you want. At that point, you need to remind yourself of your dreams, tell yourself that you deserve to achieve them, and keep on going.

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