Simple Relaxation

Everybody needs a space and time to relax and reflect. If we do not take the time to care for ourselves, we can become overburdened and over stressed. Our energy levels can drop, and we can become irritable or even ill. I recommend that everybody have a space set aside in their homes where they can sit and relax and meditate or think quietly. What you use in your space is up to you and your own taste. You may choose to use candles, soft music, incense, crystals, or photos that inspire tranquility. You may include anything that will assist you in creating an environment of peace and harmony. Positive space can be as simple as a corner in your home, a special room or even outside underneath your favorite tree. Follow your intuition when choosing to create your space outside. You may choose to sit on the ground, spread a special blanket or cloth to sit or kneel upon. Inside your home, you may choose a wide window sill, or a corner of a room where you can set-up a table to place the items that you chose to help transform the atmosphere in your positive space.

Once your space is prepared and you are ready, wear comfortable clothing, sit in a comfortable position, clear your mind, light the candles, play soft soothing music. You may choose to begin to clear your mind by focusing on the golden flame of the candle.

After you have cleared your mind, and brought yourself back into the present, sit for a few moments and enjoy your fresh new mindset. Snuff out the candles, then sit in the silence for a few more moments, absorbing all the wonderful, positive, powerful energy you have created for yourself.

Everybody should strive to allow themselves time to do this once a day.

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