Read what clients have to say about Jessica:


Jessica is absolutely amazing! She predicted that my current position would merge and in turn act as a promotion, I’ve just received news that is happening. As far as knowing all about me, relationships, and advice where to proceed forward and where to steer clear she is one of the best advisors in the world. I deeply value Jessica’s predictions and words. Speaking with her is like a great friend. Thank you Jessica!!
~Anne Bay Jun 3, 2015
I love Jess she’s the best psychic I’ve had thus far. She is always right on about stuff. She told me how my grandparents past and she knew my grandfather had two heart attacks and I only knew about the second until my mother told me for definite he had two. She knew he died when I was 3. She knew things that no one else knew. My last reading she told me someone named Kevin would contact me two days later started talking to a Kevin. She’s just wonderful. I would recommend her to all.
~Lucia Visci May 3, 2015
Jessica is one of the best readers in the world. She is honest, kind, but will also tell you the truth for your higher good. She always answers my questions thoroughly and with patience, even when I can be a bit redundant. She makes me laugh and feel positive and ready to step forward with my goals. Things, events, people she’s read about have all been amazingly spot on and accurate. She’s amazing. I make sure to check with Jess on major issues and know what she says is truth. Thank you Jess!
~ Anne Neidiver April 20, 2015
I could go on and on about how accurate Jessica is both in the moment as well as future predictions but it is her resourceful spirit that has helped me the most. Every time I hang up with her I have a list bigger than me of things to do to make my life better. They have all been beneficial for my personal life, business and my overall health is so much better than the first time we spoke.. I NEVER ignore what she tells me to do and you should not either…Call her she’s the best!!!
~ Laurel Miller March 15, 2015


Jessica pinpointed areas in my life that were holding me back from living a “Happy Life”. Her compassionate guidance and insight into what was ailing me was remarkable. She pinpointed the exact problem areas in my life and helped me to move on from situations that were literally killing me. Jess has such psychic insight. I wanted to understand what kept me from moving forward with my life. She accessed one of my past lives that helped me to understand the situation I was in. I was then able to move on and release the “UTTER DISPAIR” that kept haunting me. It helped me to heal my soul. Her communication with my loved ones who had passed on helped me validate that I was working with the real deal. She has the ability to “HEAL”. She is literally a “PSYCHIC DOCTOR”. I could never have received this type of help by “TRADITIONAL” means. I recommend her counsel. JESSICA THANK YOU! God Bless You!

Debbie Chase February 9 2015


Jessica Costello is by far, the best medium I have ever had the pleasure of going to. She is honest, she is ethical, and sincerely in it to help other people. Not to mention, her gift is spot on. I know they say this in all testimonials, but I was truly wowed at her accuracy. Jessica is a breath of fresh air in a business known for deception, she puts those fears right at ease. She is 100 percent the real deal and wants to help you, not hurt you. I love love love her!!

Tara Ryan November 17 2014

Jessica, I cant thank you enough for giving me some peace of mind in such a difficult time, You truly have a gift from god. I have absolutely no doubt that my parents and my little baby girl kitty are in a better place.

John May October 13 2014
I have been reading with Jessica for a little while now and not only is she reassuring, inspiring, and amazingly accurate in what she sees past/present/future but has always been very generous and patient. Speaking with Jessica is like speaking to a best friend =) She tunes into spirit with lightning speed and gives you honest advice about a situation. She has an amazing connection with people and her laugh and bright spirit make you feel immediately at ease. Thank you Jessica!!

Anne Marie Oct 19, 2014

WOW!! This had to be the most amazing experience that I have ever had. She literally knew a ton of stuff about me without my even saying a WORD. She gave me the exact guidance I needed. She understood why the things in my life weren’t working and told me piece by piece what needs to be done to make it better. She literally knew what I wanted to know before I said a word. This was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life. She is wonderful! Thank you!

Kim Mazzella Oct 17, 2014

I just wanted to thank you for the experience yesterday. From the minute I walked up to the door and you said I was dehydrated you blew my mind. I have been to a few psychics in the last 20 years.. all good in my opinion… but you were by far the best. You were so spot on about everything and then of course about things I was unaware of… just mind blowing. I cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind and direction you have given me.

Sean Klingaman October 16 2014
This was my second reading with Jessica. She is totally awesome she nailed times health issues you name it the words came out of her mouth before I could ask the question. If you want a wonderful down to earth reading this is the woman to go to she is now my “go to gal” Blessings to you Jessica

~Joanne Puliatti September 20, 2014

I love Jessica! I have had many readings with her and she helped me through and is still helping me through an extremely traumatic year. I saw a review that stated aobve you just want to talk with her for hours and you do! she called me prior to job interview I was scheduled to have to prep me at no cost to me. Gifted, down to earth, you feel like she is a long lost friend you feel so connected. Thank you Jessica!

~Nannette Dag September 18, 2014

Before I had the reading with Jessica, I listed some questions on a piece of paper. When I connected with Jessica she started talking about things which addressed my concerns- I felt like she could see my questions list on that one piece of paper! She just knows EVERYTHING!!! She is truly gifted!

~Reka September 17 2014

I had the pleasure of reading with Jessica and words can not describe the accuracy Jessica picked up on as soon as we started our session. I was floored! She is the kindest most accurate psychic i have read with. I cant stress the amount of people i have read with (many fake) – nothing compares to this woman! She will literally just roll out information one after another, and i had to stop her every time to confirm she was correct. This will definitely not be the last time I will read with this lovely woman! Jessica has predicted a lot of things to come which i am excited to look forward too. Thank you so much for reading for me Jessica, just want to let you know you have a client for life!

~Fatima August 18 2014

Had my first reading with Jessica today & am thoroughly impressed, not only is she a delightful & intelligent human, she is a stupendous reader/psychic. I knew right away that she was the real McCoy. And, on top of being blown away at what she ‘knew’ about what was going on in my life & people in it (including my dog) she gave me heaps of help on what actions to take & what to do to get through a very, very hard time. I highly recommend her. I rate her as a gobsmacked WOW ! Very grateful to her.

Lisa Colbert July 11, 2014

Jessica has an incredible gift. She is the best psychic medium I have been with. I have seen her many times, and since my husband’s passing she has helped and guided me through this painful journey. She has such a good heart and is helpful in every aspect of life. I am grateful to have found her and will continue with her throughout my life for help with the healing process with the many losses I have had. She is the real deal!

Edie Scott July 3, 2014

I want to thank you for your amazing reading. You are so gifted and such a warm and wonderful person. As you mentioned you don’t sugar coat which I love. You were right on the money with everything you said and I couldn’t believe how accurate my reading was. My mom raved about you and now I know why! My sister and best friend should be calling you soon. I will be checking in with you as well. I really enjoyed getting to know you.
Thank you again.

I just spoke with Jessica and she actually called me five minutes before to prep me how she reads and what her style is. I really appreciated that fact and thought it was very considerate. Jessica has such a sweet, funny, down-to- earth, and honest manner that you can’t help but want to talk to her for hrs. She is a great new friend to me. She picked up on a person so well it blew me away and gave me great job insight. I look forward to speaking with her soon! thanks Jessica! xoxo

 ~ Anne Marie May 23, 2014


I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to psychic readings…that was until I had a reading with Jessica. She was amazingly spot-on with everything she said! Honestly, I was dumbfounded. She was able to connect me with my mom, who passed away long ago, and it was the greatest gift! Jessica described my mom to a tee and said things to me that only my mom would say. So very, very grateful that I took a chance and went to her!!

Sharyn Tomasso Apr 2, 2014

Jessica, thank you for a most helpful psychic reading. I appreciate your taking the time to guide me and to give me your insights. It was a pleasure speaking with you. I wish you well on your journey. Many thanks!

Gayle Kirk Dec 11, 2013


Oh My God! The hairs on my arms, and neck are still standing up!! Jessica has honestly, SHOCKED me! She is absolutely phenomenal as a medium/intuitive psychic. No one has even come close ,as to what she picked up. She knew IT ALL! She is authentic, genuine, compassionate and sees different avenues/solutions. I feel so Blessed to have had a personal reading with her. She is so down to earth, I felt I was talking to a dear old friend. Jessica, your exactly what I envisioned as a perfect psychic.

Rita Ricci-Lyddiatt  9/25/13



I had my first reading with Jessica last week and she was amazing!  So genuine , nice and caring.  I loved talking with her and she was right on with time frames that she gave me and  things that have  happened in my life in the past and I didn’t tell her anything she just knew.  I look forward to what she told me is coming up in my future. I have recommended her to a friend and I will definitely be contacting her again in the future .

~Lisa Christian 10/5/13


I had my first reading with Jess. She told me the guy I was asking her about would text me. I didn’t really believe it because this guy does not text. Within 3 hours I had a text message from him. Amazing. She also told me about things that will happen a few months from now. Can’t wait to see if they come true.
~Stacy Miller 9/11/13

Dear Jessica,

First of all, I need to thank you for fitting me in your busy schedule.  You are so fun to talk to and time passed so fast, I wish you offer 2 hour readings!  I’ve spoken to quite a few well known psychics but you are so different.  You’re such a warm person and you are so quick and precise with your intuition and gift.  Thank you for the advice with my health condition and career, etc.  You gave me so much energy in the reading; I think I can go tackle the obstacles.  You’re so powerful and amazing!!  Need to schedule readings regularly.

Greatest Gratitude,


Sept.12, 2013


I recently had the pleasure of having a reading with Jessica and I’m so glad I did. As a Psychic Medium myself I set the bar pretty high and am very reluctant to write testimonials but I found this lady to be totally AMAZING! Kind, caring easy to connect with, bang on Psychic information but most importantly a TRUE connection to Spirit with a heart of gold to match.

Thank you so very much Jessica I am soo glad we connected and you have a client for life now.

Many Blessings to you



I had a reading with Jessica  yesterday, August 28, 2013 and it was mind-blowing, informative, accurate, insightful, and very meaningful. I originally scheduled a 30 minute psychic reading with Jess but just as our time was up, I asked if she could continue reading for me… I have had readings before—but NOTHING and I mean nothing came close to the amount of details she was able to give me about my grandmother, family, relationship situation, career, etc. She knew the person in question personality and details before I even told her his name. She told me things she couldn’t have possibly known without her rare and spiritual gift from God. I am telling you—I am not easily amazed and she brought tears to my eyes and she will never know how thankful I am to have found her. I am finally able to breathe after a terrible year of feeling anxious and at a loss for answers. I finally have peace of mind and I know things are going to be OK. Please reach out to Jessica if you need spiritual guidance. She will not sugarcoat your situation and tell you what you want to hear. She will not preform magic tricks, light candles or perform spells. She will give you honest answers and options on how to fix your situation and I promise it will change your life!

~Julie Theefs


Jessica is amazing! She predicted the exact week when my ex would contact me after not talking for months, and he did! She knew the ins and outs of our relationship and really described him perfectly. Wow. She even predicted when we will meet, and how to approach this. She has helped me understand so much! She also communicated with my cat that has passed and even knew exactly what he looked like! Jessica is very honest and is great.

~ Brandy Fanning


AMAZING!! 1st call w/Jess and nailed tons. She told me the month I met someone & details on a relationship that I can conf that know one would know. Reading was so insane I had to call her back right away. I will for sure call Jess again. Thanks!

~ Angelina Santiago


I have had many readings, and Jessica has given me the very best. The information she gives is so accurate and helpful, that after I had my first 30 minute reading with her, I booked an additional 60 minute reading for the following week. She was so accurate with the information and details she was giving me that I needed to make another appointment! She has a great sense of humor and is very genuine. She keeps her prices low as well. She is wonderful! If you need guidance, call her! 🙂

~ Mary Nugent


I had a reading with Jessica last night. I have consulted psychics for several years. I have often felt they were not legit. But with Jess—no doubts. Immediately felt so confident that she was absolutely the real deal. No flowery details from her, no unnessary or extra wording, or sugar coating. And it was so comfortable–it was an actual communication –like I was discussing my life with my intimate best friend. So practical and down to earth. She is so spot on. Will be calling again

~ Linda Kraft


I saw Jessica in early May of 2013 and she knew things I don’t even say out loud and made predictions about other things that have already begun to come true. I have gone and seen a lot of psychics since I was younger and she is definitely gifted and the real thing. I would definitely recommend a reading with this really sweet, connected woman. Thank you Jessica!!

~ Joey Russell


I saw Jessica a few weeks ago, was really the first of this kind of reading for me. wow, she really helped me figure things out and confirm the path i was on. lots of fun info as well. thank you Jessica.

~ Doris Landry


I saw Jess for a reading last fall. She was spot on all the details of my life. Each one that came through for her was a joy to hear about. I have been to a few psychics, and she is the “Real Deal”! She immediately “knew” I had Fibromyalgia and has treated me with Reiki many times. I leave feeling refreshed & better than I had in days. She’s warm, bright, caring and always wants to help any way she can. This woman is a Treasure!

~ Chér Tracy

I have had two readings with jessica in the last month and everything she told has come to pass. She is honest and up front and compassionate. I am so happy that i found her here on this site. If you want to know the truth CALL HER!

~ connie rachunek


Excellent reading, detailed and comprehensive. This psychic has great skills, insights and a wonderful sense of humor. Thoughtful and compassionate. Very highly recommended.

~ Anne Egan


I met with Jessica about a month ago and immediately found her to be such a kind and genuine person. I went initially to gain some insight on my current relationships. She was able to tune into my feelings and easily detected my worries regarding on of my children. What she shared was so comforting. We also spent time with some passed on loved ones, which just amazed me. Now a month later, I still reflect on and am learning from this experience. Jess is so wonderfully gifted. Thank you.

~ Cindy Craig


Jess is amazing!! I’ve spoken with quite a few psychics and she’s by far the most accurate one. She’s great to talk to and it feels like she’s one of my best friends whos known me for a long time. Thank you so much Jess, you’re a doll and will keep in contact!

~ Donna Becerra


Jessica tuned in right away and was on target with personality and behavior characteristics of my ex. She was very specific about his past behaviors and shed light on many questions that I had. I would recommend a reading with her. She was also very professional and caring. Thank you Jessica.

~ Cindy Jackson


Awesome! I spoke to her just yesterday and I feel amazing today. I was so confused before I spoke to her and she clarified my path with amazing attention to details and accuracy. She is very connected and has an amazing gift. She is also highly ethical – she is the real deal and a really nice person as well. I highly recommend her.

~ Kim Mazzella


After I began having major issues with my dog Daisy, someone suggested I give Jessica Costello a call to help with the situation. I was a little hesitant to trust that an animal communicator or psychic could connect with Daisy and assist with our issues, but I decided to give it a try anyway. Boy, am I glad that I did!

The minute I got on the phone with Jessica, I knew she had completely tuned in to Daisy and her energy. She had my little fur baby pegged! After Jessica described her personality to a tee, she then began communicating the information Daisy had given her. Jessica was able to answer so many questions about the cause behind Daisy’s behavior. She was able to tell me that Daisy had been adopted into 2 homes prior to coming home with me, which was information I did not know. Imagine my surprise when Jessica said Daisy is telling me something about the number 6 and change. I had moved 4 times with Daisy, so that was the 6 Daisy was talking about! Jessica had no way of knowing I had moved this many times!

The reading with Jessica was both informative yet SO much fun. Jessica delivers her information with ease and a wonderful sense of humor which helped me relax into the reading. I can’t stop laughing from some of the comments that came through!

Jessica not only connected with Daisy, she also connected very easily to me personally and described events in my life which were connected to some of Daisy’s emotional issues. She was able to provide clear direction on the steps to take to begin to correct these behaviors which helped me so much. Jessica’s communication with Daisy showed me Daisy’s point of view and has helped me understand some of her actions, which also helps me continue to work with the issues.

Last night, I had my first full night of sleep with no interruption in quite some time! Thank you so much Jessica. You are authentic, compassionate, and caring. P.S. Your new friend Daisy says “Thanks”!

Gail Jenkins – Asheville, NC

Dear Jessica,

I was listening to my iPhone on shuffle and the phone reading that you gave me back in November 2012.

So crazy…

You told me during the reading that I would end up working in the tech industry in January/something in the tech industry would pop up for me job-wise in January of this year.

At the time, I would have never considered that field. I had never worked in that field and had no experience in the tech industry. WELL!! That’s where I very randomly ended up!! I found a job in the tech industry as a Senior Executive Assistant to a CEO and President for an international IT firm in mid-January, was hired on late that month, and started back in February 2013.

It gave me chills listening to the tape…can’t believe you nailed that. You went pretty far out (years-wise) when it comes to career, so am interested to see the rest come to fruition.

Also interested to see what happens with the love life!!

Should schedule another reading soon….!



“I would HIGHLY recommend seeing Jess whether you believe or not. I saw her for the first time a few months back and she couldn’t have been more accurate! Since then, I have seen her monthly and she’s always been on the money with everything in my life. I since have brought my mother and sister (who was very skeptical) but now, had an experience they will never forget. Jess saw people from the other side and spoke exactly how they were/are with specifics. I’d recommend anyone go and see for yourself what an amazing experience you can have. For some, it can be closure to situations still unsettled or sheer curiosity into your past, present, and future. The experience is worth it for anyone seeking answers and advice. Please give her a shot and you’ll be glad you did. Awesome person with an unbelievable vision! Love,
Love, love her!”

Jennifer B


“Jess provided a reading to me this week. I have always believed in the ability to connect with the other world….but she confirmed what little doubt I may have had. The reading meant so much to me as I have been having a very difficult time, she provided me with some positive support and information that she couldn’t have known. My father, who passed in 2010 came through and it was the most wonderful moment. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to know he was still with me and proud of things I’d been struggling with. Talking with Jess was like talking to an old friend she is wonderful.”



“Hi Jess!
I just had to stop by your page and reiterate to others how magnificently gifted and strong your abilities are. After leaving our session this afternoon, I was filled with such a profound sense of peace. I really enjoyed speaking with you and my dad. I look forward to seeing you this weekend for the Reiki healing. I truly believe the guides sent me to you for a reason.
So much love and blessings your way.
Amanda ”


I have always believed but there still was that little skeptical
voice in my head when I went to meet Jessica. I told myself lets see
how true this is. What can I say but WOW! Jessica is legit! Very
personable, caring and easy to talk to. Jaw dropping with how spot on
she was with so so much that it gave me goosebumps.

Coming to see you Jess, helped release a lot of what I was carrying
around. I can’t thank you enough for being so warm, caring and
thoughtful. You will be seeing me in the future. 🙂

Your friend,



I wanted to let you know that your advice in regards to my defective appliances was right on. I contacted Best Buy corporate to inform them of the poor treatment and products I received from Pacific Sales, which was located inside one of their stores in Costa Mesa California, and as you indicated would happen; I got major upgrades!I had previously spent about $800.00 on the washer and dryer alone and the upgrades I received, front loading Samsung units, were over this cost each. In addition, I now have a great contact at Best Buy corporate if any problems ever arise again. This is not the first time your advice has been right on the money as your advice to keep my grandfather at home, although slightly different than discussed, has been working out in spades. When the longer range things come to fruition, I will definitely let you know so you can pass it on. In closing; I cannot thank you enough for all the time you have taken to help me or the professionalism you have always shown!

Marc M


“I found Jess mid-November at a time when I hated my job and where I was in my life. I just needed direction..my husband had passed away 8 years before and I just felt totally lost. Within minutes of the reading Jess connected with my late husband. I could tell he liked her because of the conversation she was having with him. Jess told me I would have a new job offer in 3 weeks. Seriously, I really thought she was off…3 weeks later my boss called me in his office and told me that I was asked for by name to lead a new department. I was floored…everything Jess has told me has come true. Having a reading with Jess is like sitting with a best friend discussing life over coffee. 2 of my friends have since called Jess and were simply shocked at her knowledge. Folks, Jess is for real and the best part is after a reading with Jess you have answers you can count on!”

~Linda C.


“I found Jessica in the Fall of 2012. My first reading with her was out of this world. I really liked her approach, ensuring she had a connection and she certainly did. She has helped me through these very difficult times. She is very good to talk to and she has been right on target with everything thus far. Life has not really been all that easy for me lately, however, her uplifting spirit and her positive outlook is helping me through.

She definitely has a gift, and I am grateful for everything she has provided for me.

God bless you Jessica!”

~Ruth Weinz


It’s difficult to find the word to express my gratitude and admiration for your gift. You are hands down the REAL, REAL deal! I was so hesitant to give you any information but, it didn’t matter because you already knew. Listening back to my recorded session, the things I was unsure of at the time of our call all make sense to me now. You were 100% accurate in the things you told me.
You are so caring, patient and compassionate. I am so happy I called you. It was the best money I have ever spent.
You will forever be my go to person when I need life direction or advice from the other side. I plan to refer you to friends and family.
Thank you, thank you. You made my year!

Blessings to you,

Francisca, California”


“I have known Jessica for about five years, and worked with her in her previous life as a Civil Engineer. When she told me about her secret abilities and plans for a career change, I was not in the least surprised, because I had come to recognize during our time working together that she could ‘see’ things. I also knew that her skills and personality were going to be a loss to engineering, but a gain to another world. For many months she offered to read for me, and while I had never had a reading before, I was somewhat reluctant, because I was worried Jessica may see something I was not going to like! Jessica brings the same relaxing, compassionate personality to her work as a psychic that she has always possessed, along with her dedication, desire to do the best job possible, and ability to deduce information and present it clearly.

I knew Jessica was the real deal before she read for me, but she really impressed me by the things that she was able to see; things that I had only thought about, not even spoke to anyone about, and things from long ago that there was no way that she could have known. She handled difficult pieces of information tactfully and compassionately, and hearing her insight was comforting rather than troubling. Jessica set aside a very generous amount of time for my reading, and it was more helpful than I ever imagined. She remains the same down to earth, practical person she has always been, and I look forward to continuing to work with her into the future.

John McCarthy
“Hi Jessica –

I doubt you will remember me but you read for me at the Salem Psychic Fair this past October. I was really moved and crying by the end of our time because you were able to connect to my grandmother who passed in February 2012. Before she died, my grandmother had a horribly broken shoulder which they couldn’t fix and it caused her (and you during my reading!) a lot of pain. It was amazing to have a sign /connection to her again and I miss her every single day.

Also, I wanted to let you know, that you told me I had absolutely no health problems with the exception of my thyroid. I just had my yearly physical and found out that you were right! I have a slow thyroid and I just started taking medication for it.

I don’t know if psychics want feedback or notes from their clients confirming their predictions but I wanted to share with you that you really connected for me and I’ve told lots of people about you. I hope you get a lot of business from it. In fact, some of my friends might be interested in doing a group reading or something. Let me know what you think and what your rates are.

Thanks so much Jessica!

Kristin Brenna”


” Hi Jess,

I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome reading. I really
appreciate your kindness and humor.It was really helpful to hear about
my future job situation. I feel much more relieved now! It was also
really helpful to have time frames for when you saw things happening.
You were right about so many things! Thank you so much Jess, you’re
awesome! Can’t wait to talk with you again!

-Mary N”


“Jessica came over to our home for our 17 year old’s birthday party. We all had an AMAZING evening!! The girls were super excited and Jessica knew just what to say to keep them focused and peek their interest.

Jessica read us as a group and then individually….a perfect mix!

Jessica was able to connect with a number of our family members that have crossed over and brought through their personalities and opinions with ease. In particular, my mom, came through and I was so touched with what she had to say.

I would recommend Jessica to anyone and everyone. She is professional, knowledgeable and personable!”

Thanks, Jess!!

Sherry Puchacz


“I think I was pushed towards Jess to have a reading. She was able to tell me why I choose what I do. She mentioned things to me that I wasn’t even aware of at the time, and was able to tell me why I am the way I am..and about my “gift” and how to get some control of it. I am so thankful to have some peace and clarity, and direction on my path! Jess has an amazing gift and I am so glad she has shared it with me.


“Hello Jessica!!

First of all, I would like to say thank you for fitting me into your schedule on such short notice and accommodating me for a reading. I have to be honest, before I went to see you I was a bit of a skeptic, not really sure whether or not people could communicate with the deceased. I was immediately comfortable when we sat down for the reading, you did not make me feel nervous whatsoever. The reading started off with my grandfather coming through, and then my grandmother. When you told me that my grandmother was unhappy I ate a PowerBar for breakfast, I knew right then and there that this was absolutely real!! There is NO WAY that anyone could have known what I ate for breakfast that day, and then for you to tell me things about my family that you couldn’t have known, I was blown away. You really have an exceptional talent, not only with communicating with family or friends that have departed, but also with making people comfortable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jessica to anyone who is looking for a reading, or if you’re interested in seeing what she does. Exceptional, I am a believer now!!!

Sara LaFleur

Thank you doesn’t begin to represent my gratitude. Your readings have been so accurate and freeing for me. You showed me such kindness and offer me clarity and a path forward with my life. Your psychic abilities amaze me, but your life coaching skills are incredible. I am learning to be still and listen at your teaching.

Deep gratitude – Joni”

“Dear Jessica,

Just wanted to let you know how accurate and helpful your insights were. I met you at a time I was very confused about the situation I was in and you really helped me clarify what is going on so I can move forward. I especially enjoyed your humor and lightness, which was very refreshing as many people on the spiritual path can be quite serious and heavy with concepts. With all the degrees and education we acquire, we are not taught how to access the inner wisdom to guide us in challenging times or discern what is our life purpose. You have the gift of accessing that wisdom and I hope you will continue to help people access that information so they can live their fullest potential.

Much gratitude,

“Thank you again, Jess, for the opportunity to talk with you! You were so accurate about everything. I’m feeling way more secure about my future and what I need to do. And for once, I’m really happy about where I am and the path I have ahead of me. I know I have a lot of work to do, and things to get through. But my hopes have been made possible and I’m quite excited. You’re so wonderful to talk to and so real…not like others who claim to be this or that and have that whole clearly fake attitude. You’re real, in attitude and manner. Just another person, not acting superior. I hope that all makes sense…It was also great to find out who it was that’s been by my side my entire life. I’d always had that feeling, it’s great to finally confirm it!

Thanks Again, I look forward to talking with you again 🙂


“Hi Jessica
I am so happy that I contacted you for a reading…I was scared about the unknown future of my job..my son and love life, but after talking to you..I was at peace and felt VERY positive.
I’ve been to see and talked to many many psychics in my life time…but never has anyone ever been so percise in my reading.
You knowing my age and birth month and even knowing some guy at my gym watching me…to the descriptions of the people that interviewed me was amazingly correct, gave me goose bumps…All I have to say is Thank you so much…for your warm and amazing reading. WOW….speechless!
Thank yoooou……”


“I would like everyone to know what an amazing experience I have had with Jessica. She has been fantastic in every way. She has helped me communicate with my loved ones that have passed. She has done an exemplary job with cleansing my house. But, most of all she is beyond words when it comes to helping with all of my “aches and pains”. She has done Reiki on me and has relaxed and soothed what many medications and doctors have not been able to do. I look forward to continuing to learn from her. I have nothing but kind and fantastic things to say about Jessica. She is truly a great person who cares about her clients.” ~Angela

“I can’t believe that Jessica knows all that she does about my wife who has passed away. I have never told her anything and she is right on. She could not have known any of the things she did, they were personal between me and my wife. She has been able to pin point things about my personal property that she could have never known about. Everything she say is really true. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone without any hesitation. She is easy to get along with and makes you feel very comfortable.”


“Jess Costello did a thorough paranormal reading on my home. While I wasn’t experiencing any real problems or unexplained phenomenon, I was interested in knowing if there were any psychic beings or spirits present in my home. Jess offered to tell me who she observed as we walked through the house.
She started the reading calmly and professionally as we stopped in the dining room. As we stood at the dining room table, she said that before coming to house, my (deceased) brother had contacted her and expressed to her that while he didn’t want to discuss how he had passed, he wanted me to know that he was very proud of me. (My brother lost his life in a very embarrassing and unpleasant way, and in life, he would have never wanted to talk or try to explain his actions to me or anyone.) While doing the reading, she said he again was communicating the same information to her and adding that while in life he and I had not really shared similar values or ideas, he could now understand me better and truly was very proud of me.

As we passed through the living room, she talked about the wife of the original owner of the house who was present and explaining that she was slowly allowing me to begin decorating and making the house my own. She was finally allowing me to work on one room at a time, and was now releasing another room to me. This information resonated to me as I have not been able to make any headway in fixing up the house which I’ve owned for almost two years. In the last two months, I was finally able to make meaningful changes in the kitchen and in a small dinette that have allowed me to finally feel at home in those locations in the house. The wife explained that she wasn’t really happy with the colors or wiring of the living room and I got the impression that she was telling me she wanted me to take this into account as I started working on this room.

When we went into the bedroom on the second floor, the one room where I’ve been most comfortable and where many familiar human and animal spirits showed up, several of my dogs presented themselves. As she explained the characteristics of one dog, I identified him immediately and she said that he wagged his tail excitedly in acknowledgement. Another dog appeared whom I wasn’t able to identify until much later in the day but whom Jess described very accurately in behavior and appearance. She then explained that there a lot of other pets present, both in the bedroom and in other rooms in the house. We then discussed a grandmother who appeared, kissed me on the forehead and explained that she was always very busy checking on her other grandchildren, and that she spends a lot of her time in my sewing room. All of the background that Jess shared was accurate and very personal information that she could certainly not have known or learned without true communication.Still in the bedroom, Jess told me that one of her younger spirits was present – she seems to stay with/follow Jess – and that there was another young female spirit presenting herself older than how I would recognize her. Indeed, she was correct. I recognized as an infant in my past.

In the last room, the sewing room, Jess again told me of spirits whom we met in the bedroom who’d followed us into the last room of the house, and who were enjoying themselves and explaining that they all spent a lot of time in that room.

I loved Jess’ reading. She described who was in my house, what these visitors were doing and saying and allowed me to understand why they were present. Her style allowed me to feel very comfortable and open. She answered all questions in a reassuring way, and was clear and unambiguous in her details and answers. I feel very reassured that the motivations of these spirits are positive and harmless, and even that I would be able to communicate with these guests in the future if needed.” ~Connie


“I have always been a spiritual person, a believer in all religions, and a live and let live type of person. I have always believed that when people have passed on a part of them stays here with us to keep a watchful eye on us and yet I have also been very skeptical when it came to believing in those that claimed to be able to speak to them- the psychics and the mediums. So when a friend called me and said I met someone named Jess and you need to call her, trust me she is the real thing, you need to talk to her, call her, I will send you her info; I was a bit skeptical. I held onto the info for a couple of weeks because I was dealing with the loss of my father and some other issues. Then I sent jess an email simply stating, I would like to meet, I need a reiki session, and I would like to contact my grandmother if possible.

From our very first conversation through my reading, Jess has been nothing but honest, pure, and real. She knew things she had no possible way of knowing, things no one alive today other than myself know, that’s how I know her talent is real. When a person can step into your bedroom and say you sleep in here but it’s not very restful is it? You know why? It is because your grandmother sits beside you and talks to you all night long almost every night. There is no way to explain the emotion that that brings up- the comfort to know that grandma is there—but also to know that ok I am not nuts and I really am still tired after nine hours sleep and there is a reason for it. There is no way possible that she could fake the things she said. Jess came to my home and also confirmed that my son has some talent which I had suspected since he was very small. Since my reading, I have made several changes in my lifestyle which have allowed me to live a happier healthier life and also to get rid of a lot of emotional baggage that I had been carrying for a very long time that needed to go.

I hold Jessica Costello in the highest esteem and wish her the best of luck in all future endeavors. This is a very special talent that she has been given and I hope that she is able to help others in the same way that she was able to help me for years to come.” ~Laura

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