Turn off the Negativity

This week I was forwarded a YouTube clip of a Fox & Friends News show where the three reporters were discussing Pagan and Wiccan Holidays, and how they are now included in a college handbook. I was stunned by the comments that the reporters made, and the harsh and inaccurate generalizations that they shared. One anchor summed up Wicca by saying it was bad, because it was Witchcraft, and that Pagans and Wiccans were mostly compulsive Dungeons & Dragons players, or middle aged divorced women in rural areas who are midwives.

The blaring inaccuracies to these statements, as horrible as they are, were not the main thing that bothered me about that broadcast.

What bothered me was that these three professionals were taking the time to ridicule a group of people who were not there to defend themselves. They poked fun at a belief that they themselves looked down on, and they did it proactively as a group. They smiled and laughed while making cruel and demeaning statements about a lifestyle that they felt was less important than their own personal beliefs.

These three reporters took the time to publicly bully people, and did not allow that group a voice to stand up for themselves. The reporters at that moment, lost credibility as reporters and became mere bullies.

I find it disheartening that three grown adults found humor in ridiculing a group of people in such a public manner. We teach our kids to be accepting, and open minded, and then these adults take the time to bully a religious belief structure that they did not take the time to understand. I find it sad that Hate has made it’s way back into the media. I find it embarrassing that these grown adults are held in a position of public visibility and potential role models, yet they lacked the social graces one would hope that a role model should be instilling.

There are far too many reasons to be sad, angry and hurt over that incident, but I for one am not going to empower it one more day by watching or participating in these discussions. I am going to make it a point to not allow that kind of negativity into my life. I am going to continue to honor and respect all religious beliefs, because I feel that the ability to have faith is what is important, not where the faith is placed.

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