This Will Be the BEST YEAR EVER!!!

New Year's Resolutions
Happy New Year Folks! I hope that 2014 is off to a great start for you all. This is the time of year that many people choose to set some New Year’s Resolutions so that they are starting off the new year on the right foot, pointed in the direction of success. What is a New Year’s Resolution anyhow? It is a goal. I personally do not think that we should limit ourselves to setting these just the one time per year. This way, they often get forgotten, and are then still on the list for the following year. Often times resolutions are pretty specific. Improved Health, Financial Success, and Relationship milestones are on the top of our New Year To Do lists. There is a simpler way to go about this.

If you made up a list of resolutions, I challenge you to add to the top of that list these three things:

1. Love Myself, Embrace Myself for the WONDROUS person I am!
2. Be open to new possibilities!
3. Be the best ME that I can BE!!

These three goals are key in embracing the positive changes at any time of the year, so of course they should be at the TOP of any list of goals. By loving yourself, you are going to welcome in love in your life. By loving yourself, and all of the wonderful things you are, you are setting the intention that you will have that loving energy around you.

By being open to new, and wonderful possibilities, you are assuring yourself that you will not miss out on a single opportunity. Being open to everything means you will miss NOTHING! When you are specifically searching for one particular situation in your life, so many other opportunities or connections get overlooked. Be open, have fun and try many new things this year. You will not regret it!

By being the best YOU that you can possibly be, you are embracing yourself, and allowing yourself to move along at a positive, and productive pace. If the best YOU that you can be involves making some healthy food choices, then SO BE IT! If it involves finishing school, or moving up in the career ladder, then GO FOR IT! You CAN make it happen!

Each one of these goals will help assure you that not only do you set the new year off on an amazing start, but you will continue to enjoy that surge of success throughout the year, and all of the years to come. Now, go forth, and make 2014 the best year EVER!

Love, Light and Blessings to you ALL

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