Your Bedroom Decor CAN Affect Your Sleep

I have had a few clients in the last month express a concern with their sleeping patterns. In each one of them I found that the client has two particular objects in their bedroom.

1. A television.

2. A wall mounted Mirror

The TV in the bedroom is not a good idea. Watching TV to help you fall asleep actually is counterproductive. When you watch TV to fall asleep, you do not get the same quality of sleep that you would if you were to just fall asleep without the TV, making you wake up feeling sluggish, and like you did not get complete rest.

If you hang the mirror in the bedroom, look at WHERE you decide to hang it, as this can easily affect the energy in the room. Mirrors can be a way to intentionally draw someone into a space—or make them feel “pushed away.” For example, it is recommended placing a mirror if you have a small entrance way to “grace” someone into the space. Try to look for walls to hang mirrors where they reflect the outside. ”Letting the Outside IN” is a Feng Shui Principle to create the Yin/Yang of a space. But every space is different and before hanging ANY mirrors, have someone hold them and see how they make you FEEL first.

Mirrors also Intensify and Magnify anything they are reflecting. For this reason it is a bad idea to hang a mirror across from a negative energy source, such as a TV. If you hang a mirror and it’s reflecting a blank wall, you will double the energy of nothing. Always check to see the ENERGY of what that mirror faces. Some lovely artwork or a vibrant houseplant opposite a mirror is a wonderful addition.

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